by Future Realty India 6 December, 2018

Gurgaon Commercial Property- Take a Wise Decision

Gurgaon is a millennium city, and the reason why it's called so is, the expansive industrial footprint in this region which attracts a massive number of investors from foreign countries. It is the financial and industrial centre of India’s north-western state of Haryana. The city of Gurgaon is considered to be one of the best places to live and work; hence an exciting place for real estate investments. Real estate attracts two major kinds of investments such as residential and commercial property, however investing in commercial property is much wiser in fast growing Gurgaon. 

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Residential real estate investments include a range of categories that are all the components of real estate. There can be the resale homes that are ready to move in and the others can be the new construction projects that require prior bookings. Residential properties also include townhouses, luxury homes, vacation homes, duplexes, triple-deckers, or more. 

Commercial real estate has a bulk of high-end property options for those who are into businesses. It is inclusive of educational buildings, shopping centres, hotels, offices, strip malls, and even apartment buildings are considered as commercial properties as they are planned and built to produce income. 

In terms of investments and to having an income out of your capital investment, commercial properties produce great profits. It may be called as financial reward which is more in commercial property investments as compared to the residential ones especially if we are in Gurgaon. Rental apartments is a great source of income even though it holds some risk factors too. 

For customers to invest into property, the first thing that is analysed is the followed profit outcome from it. Hence, we need to look through the attractive features of the commercial properties. Here are some pros that are to be focused upon:

  • Flexible lease terms: Commercial lease are governed by fewer consumer protection laws, unlike the dozens of other state laws. Lease terms are based here only for deposit limits and termination regulations.
  • Income potential: There is a great earning potential in buying a commercial property as it offers an annual return from 6% to 12% on the purchase amount which may depend on the location and area both. It is more significant than investing into a residential or single family homes.
  • Increased Value : Business have a vested interest in maintaining a brand value with their names. That is why they take care of the properties, shops, showrooms, stores, or offices. Maintenance and regular care of the property keeps the owner’s interest intact. 

Buying a flat or commercial property in Gurgaon has become a primary attraction due to having every kind of industries and large businesses including the multinational companies, foreign investors, fortune 500 companies, and NRIs. Being home to various Special Economic Zones Gurgaon speaks a lot about the booming nature of our Indian Economy. Therefore, an increased potential for commercial property owners; hence, investing in commercial real estate is a worthwhile idea.

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