Dwarka Expressway Projects in Gurgaon

OSB Expressway Towers Sector -109 Gurgaon
Rs. 13,29,018/-
Under Construction Sep 2020
323.66 Sq. Ft 1 & 2 BHK 11
ROF Aalayas Sector-102, Gurgaon  brochure layout
Rs- 14.00 Lac
Under Construction
404 sqft 1 & 2 5 Towers
Lotus Homz Sector-111 Gurgaon
Rs. 13.72 Lacs
Under Construction Nov 2019
385.88 Sq. Ft. 1 & 2 12 Towers
Pareena Laxmi Apartment Sector-99A Gurgaon
Under Construction Dec 2018
424.833 Sq. Ft. 2 BHK 9 Towers
Zara Rossa Sector-112 Gurgaon
Rs. 12.41 Lac
Under Construction Dec 2020
394 Sq. Ft. (Te... 1 & 2 BHK 5 Towers
Signature Global GrandIVA Sector-103 Gurgaon
Rs.- 14,37,680/-
Under Construction Oct 2019
350.69 Sq. Ft. 1 & 2 BHK NA
Signature Global Solera Sector-107 Gurgaon
Rs. 12.53 Lac
Under Construction Feb 2019
308 Sq. Ft. 1 & 2 BHK 11 Towers
JMS Marine Square Sector 102 Gurgaon
Rs.- 8877/- Sq.Ft.
New Launch NA
200 Sq. Ft. Commercial NA
ROF Galleria Sector-102 Gurgaon
11,200 per Sq.Ft.
Under Construction Aug 2020
100 sq. ft Retail Shop NA

Deen Dayal Plots Dwarka Expressway - Deen Dayal Floor Dwarka Expressway

This policy shall be known as ‘‘Deen Dayal Plots Dwarka Expressway’. This policy is intended to encourage the development of high density plotted colonies in Low and Medium Potential towns of the State wherein small plots are made available through a liberal policy framework.

All such projects shall be required to be necessarily completed within 7 years (5+2 years) from the date of grant of licence.

The Government of Haryana is pleased to notify an ‘Affordable Plotted Housing Policy 2016 for Low and Medium Potential Towns: Deen Dayal Plots Dwarka Expressway’, under the provisions of Section 9A of the Haryana Development and Regulation of Urban Areas Act, 1975 as well as under Section 11 of the Punjab Scheduled Roads and Controlled Areas Restriction of Unregulated Development Act, 1963 and any other corresponding statute governing development of plotted housing colonies on the subject, provided that if there is any contradiction in any other provision relating to the development of such colonies then the provisions of this policy shall prevail.

The policy, of which the details are given in Annexure-A below, has been concurred by the Finance Department vide their UO No. 11/161/2015-5FDIII/2850 dated 02nd February, 2016 and approved by the Council of Ministers in its meeting held on 03rd February, 2016. This policy shall come into effect from the date of its issuance. The Director General, Town and Country Planning, Haryana, is hereby directed to effectively implement this policy to facilitate creation of additional affordable housing stock in the Low and Medium Potential Towns of the State.

Deen Dayal Plots Dwarka Expressway HOUSING POLICY

Deen Dayal Plots Dwarka Expressway Housing Policy 2016 for Low & Medium Potential Towns. these Specific Region / Zone for Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojna -Affordable Plotted 2016, 

Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana, an affordable housing scheme of state Government of Haryana has been launched by prime Minister Narendra Modi on 1st November on Haryana Golden Jubilee Day. Under the Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana, the state government aims to develop about 1 Lakh affordable homes in next three years.

The scheme was launched during the celebration of Haryana Golden Jubilee on 1st November 2016 in Gurugram (formerly Gurgaon). Under the scheme, the state government would develop low cost high density colonies in the low and medium potential towns where the land may be available for the development.

The affordable housing colonies under the scheme would be developed by the private developers under the supervision of the state government.

KEY FEATURES OF Deen Dayal Plots Dwarka Expressway (DDJAY)

·         Only up to 30% of a city’s total planned residential area would be offered for project developments under this category. The maximum plot area under this scheme has been determined at 150 square metres (sq m).

·         A project could be developed on an area ranging 5 to 15 acres.

·         The area under roads cannot exceed 10 per cent of the total licensed area. The developer is also required to transfer 10 per cent of the licensed colony area to the government free of cost so that community facilities may be provided by the government over that area.

·         Developers could also register independent floors on plots, along with stilt parking. They could allot up to 50 per cent of the area; the remaining 50 per cent would remain with the government but they can continue development work on it. Of this, 15 per cent of the area would be mortgaged for internal development works.

·         The developer has been given the option of depositing the cost of internal development works with the municipality concerned at mutually decided rates. The developer may also mortgage residential plots covering not less than 15 per cent of the total saleable area as security with the authority. This will act as a security against any future delinquency. The licence fee has been set at Rs 10,000 per acre for low-potential towns and Rs 1 lakh per acre for medium-potential towns.

·         Under the scheme, the conversion charges and infrastructure development charges (IDC) have been waived and the external development charges (EDC) and the licence fee have been reduced substantially. Developers have also been given the option of either mortgaging 15 per cent of the saleable area or providing bank guarantee to the same tune for internal development works.

·         Applications under this policy can be submitted within 90 days from the date of notification of the scheme. In case the total number of applications received in a particular area exceeds the total area that has been permitted under the policy, all the applicants who fulfil the eligibility criteria will be considered for granting a minimum area of five acres. If the total number of applicants is less than the total area permitted, each applicant will be considered for grant of licence, subject to the minimum and maximum area norm. The Director-General, Town and Country Planning, has been given the authority to increase the total permitted area by up to 40 per cent.

·         Developers will be given a letter of intent or rejection on their application within six months of applying. The applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis till all demarcated area under the policy has been allotted.

BENEFITS OF Deen Dayal Plots Dwarka Expressway YOJNA

·         Stilt + 4 structure allowed

·         Separate floor registry

·         FAR: 2.64

·         80% home loans on plots

·         Possession link plan

·         100% home loan on construction

·         Park, market, play school, community centre inside the society.

·         Gated society complex

·         Minimum 09 meter road