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Future Realty believes in doing transparent business with their customers and therefore wants to make some points clear before carrying out business with anyone. Being the best real estate consultancy in country, the information displayed on the company’s website is given in general sense and should not be interpreted for any particular purpose.

The company does not hold itself liable for the authenticity of the information being showed on the company’s website or on the website of any third party whose link reside in Future Realty’s website. The company reserves the right to update their website time and again to avoid errors yet if some may exist then Future Realty is not responsible for the omission. For any of the changes made to the website, the company is not responsible for informing any individual about the step taken. Visitors going through the content of the website are requested not to take any decision or action based on the contents displayed. If the user undergoes any damage, the company is not to be held responsible for the same. Also, any obscure information needs to be clarified with the company or any professional prior to taking any action based on them. The disclaimer needs to be read along with other policies.

The company holds the right to make changes to different policies as per their convenience without informing any individual. It is the responsibility of the users to go through the policies from time to time to make them acknowledged about the changes made. If they continue enjoying any service from the company after the changes are made, it will be assumed and understood that they agree to the changes as the updates will be effective right from the moment they are made.

If in any case the company comes across a user whose actions seems to be threatening to the company or may cause any harm in future then Future Realty reserves the right to warn, restrict, suspend or permanently terminate the respective individual’s access to the company’s website. Future Realty is not responsible for any damage done to your computer by any virus activity while visiting the company’s website.

These virus activities can be avoided by using some high end protection. If any virus attack happens while downloading resources or information from the website then Future Realty is not to be held responsible for the same. You may come across some pop up advertisements while visiting Future Realty’s website. That may be because of some third party software installed in your computer or due to any website that you had visited earlier. Future Realty does not endorse any of their work/ project through pop up advertisements.

Future Realty has its own logo/slogans and all the contents displayed on the company’s website are copyrighted. Therefore, prior permissions need to be taken from the responsible authority before using the same. All the contents (text, graphics, images etc) displayed on Future Realty’s website are provided “as is” basis only.