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Kid Centric Homes are private lodging projects planned while keeping the improvement of youngsters as the focal naturally suspected. As we move towards current, taught society, families are turning out to be more atomic and typically, the two guardians are working. Subsequently, the Kid Centric Homes appeared, and presently, they're guardians' top picks.

Ashiana Housing is the trailblazer of Kid Centric Homes in India and right now serves in excess of 1300 across our 3 activities. Our fourth task is under development, and with this, all of us are set to increase present expectations of Kid Centric Homes in the country.

Our most current venture is Amarah by Ashiana, situated in area 93, Gurugram. Ashiana Amarah is spread over an area of 22 sections of land, of which 6.7 sections of land are lavish green outsides. The venture is brimming with imaginative and rich conveniences for youngsters based on four key components -Other Best Poject Orris Aster Court Premier 

  • Learning
  • Supporting
  • Support
  • Care

Amarah gives an ideal mix of learning, development, tomfoolery, and generally improvement by and large with its child driven conveniences. At Ashiana, we are known for giving a comprehensive tomfoolery, and sustaining climate to the developing children which will at last lead them into becoming diverse characters and mindful residents of tomorrow.

Amarah accompanies a focal Learning Hub where kids can stroll in just to investigate their interests and extend their viewpoints or decide to dominate a few explicit expressions. We have individual rooms that incorporate - a workmanship and artworks room, dance room, music room, concentrate on room, understanding room, and movement room. This large number of rooms have proficient teachers who know the perfect method for starting children's inventiveness and spotlight on their all encompassing development and advancement.

With Amarah, we're presenting something that has had huge idea and the outcome won't be something like you'd have ever seen previously. We bring you - inventive playing regions. Some of you could have heard from your folks and grandparents about how they used to play in the roads - this united the children as well as their families. At Amarah, we've brought back the 90s play road, in a somewhat present day and safe symbol!

Our creative playing regions incorporate -

Our Play Street Area for youngsters to make companions, mess around, follow trails, and basically have a ball without limit. This road is explicitly intended to keep the children connected consistently. This road incorporates -

  • Treehouse
  • Strip Seating
  • Seating
  • Dry Fountain with Rain Shower
  • Kids Play Area
  • Hopscotch
  • Focal Feature Tree
  • Labyrinth
  • Ventured Green Terrace
  • Cycling Ramp
  • Pergola Net Play AreA
  • Burrow Play
  • Dry Stream
  • Vegetable Gardens

The second creative play region at ashiana Amarah is the Doorstep Play Area. You got it right, a playing region similarly as you step outside, which is ok for babies, effectively open, and brings a ton of healthy tomfoolery and entertainment with it.

Another of our creative play regions is the Adventurous Play Area. this one is something like an experience park and accompanies ziplining, bouncing cushions, burrows, and so on. At this play region kids can play and go on adventures simultaneously, addressing secrets, making riddles, and with everything taken into account, living their experience growing up without limit.

The rundown of our conveniences doesn't end here, we additionally have Parks spread over 6.7 sections of land which offer youngsters heaps of room to play, run, hop, and make companions. These parks likewise have vegetable patches where children can enjoy cultivating and could try and astonish you for certain local tomatoes! These parks aren't your standard parks, they excessively accompany specific advantages like -

  • Walkway
  • Water Cascade
  • Hill
  • Ventured Plaza
  • Stramp
  • Sandpit
  • Seating with Pergola
  • Brush/Forest
  • Party Lawn
  • Shelter and Gazebo

We have various conveniences for no particular reason and happiness except for haven't disregarded on your children's Safety and Security. We have numerous gatekeepers watching through the grounds nonstop and 24×7 CCTV reconnaissance.

To guarantee the consistent working and upkeep of our various conveniences, we have set up our in-house Maintenance Team. Ashiana's upkeep group is consistently convenient at whatever point you want them. They deal with errands like trash assortment, cleaning, and arranged upkeep of electricals, on a convenient premise and furthermore put together between complex occasions for youngsters, for family, and at celebrations as well.

In spite of being a Kid Centric Home, Amarah Ashiana gurgaon has something for each age. At the core of the task, you'll find a clubhouse spread more than 27,000 sq. ft. The clubhouse is your all inclusive resource for the sake of entertainment and amusement. Be it your regular exercise schedule, your end of the week swim, your night espresso, or film evenings, we have all of you covered. Our clubhouse is where you, your family, and your children can appreciate and have relaxation time by and large. Our clubhouse accompanies -

Sports Hall which incorporates Billiards and Table Tennis

  • Indoor Kids Play Area
  • Broad Swimming Pool
  • Recreation center
  • Media Room
  • Cafeteria
  • Party Hall